Tuesday, September 14, 2010


SEED CREATION is an initiative of SEED design studio, mainly to help Indian
artisans and giving a new dimension to our Handicraft and Handloom art. We will be 
supporting artisan base trusts and organisations to promote handicrafts and 
handlooms throughout Indian and across world. From our end we will give them marketing and design support free of cost and will showcase their art everywhere under SEED platform. 

“Any SEED in this world needs favorable conditions to come up with strong roots and fruitful shoot. Your business is our seed and for you we will see for, sow for and reap for designs.”

After agriculture, handicraft is the second largest occupation in India with more than 23 million people in this sector. Every 7-10 years 10% of these artisans leave their jobs looking for better opportunities. If this continues the Indian Handicrafts will be lost in the next few decades.

Hence we decided to take this situation head on and create a unique ‘SEED’ platform for artisans and crafts people, we are taking initiatives to develop strengths in advising, designing, marketing and promoting techniques. We will help them generate revenue, make profit and develop their new business platforms. Our aim is to associate with maximum number of Artisans throughout India and give them a platform, where they can upgrade and educate themselves. We provides vital, and fair income to all those who are associated with us by marketing their arts, thoughts and sharing their stories and creating an emotional bonding. We develop products that appear to work the best in this modern lifestyle, which in turn accelerates the learning curve and ultimately the growth of the trusts and organisation we are collaborated with as a whole.

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