Thursday, March 3, 2011


DOOR STOP is a wedge attached to a wall or inserted beneath the door to hold it open at a desired position. It is also used to prevent the door from the impact of striking into the wall. It was believed that a door stop was created because ancient doors were heavy so an equally heavy stop was required to prevent the blowing wind to shut it. 
SEED usually designs lot of items, one of them is a door stop but because of our craftsmanship, door stops nowadays are being modified and are now decorative objects aside from serving a utilitarian purpose.
Here is our Unusual and Creative Design of a Door Stop that could inspire you in spicing up your Kid's room and could probably serve as an attraction for your guests. Most of these designs are not seen in the market. Try to look at these funny and eye-catching door stop designs and enjoy watching!
Soon they are coming in the market for gifting purpose with lovely packaging.

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